Retro Camper Trailer Dog Wood 3-D Hand Painted Ornament - Black Poodle

Product Description

Adorn your Christmas tree with our "Dogs on the Move"!  As a dog loving society, we take our dogs just about everywhere and these wonderful ornaments are a reflection of that lifestyle.

Handcrafted in the Southwest USA, each one becomes a little treasure. The original designs are transferred to wood, hand-cut, assembled, base-coated and finished with hand painting. What a wonderful treasure that will be cherished by dog lovers alike! Created in a substantial, layered, 3-dimensional style - you won't find anyone who doesn't delight in these humorous and charming creations. 

The Retro Camper Trailer pattern is modeled after that classic teardrop camper from the 50's and 60's, a great little keepsake for the kid in all of us. Measuring 6"x 4.5", comes with a lovely cord for hanging. Let your Poodle take his turn riding in this vintage gem, hauling home the tree!

$ 39.99