The Syddie Girl

Little Miss Syndey was such a sorry sack of bones! She crawled up to a stranger in a downtown area, starving and petrified. But this little girlie was a charmer and a bit of a sly-dog. When she headed to us for foster, she quickly learned that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and in no time at all, this little waif had managed to pack on some pounds (when it came to sharing treats, she had NONE of it!). So off to training we all went and now the new little Miss Manners has found herself one happy home and family. Such an awesome dog Sydney turned out to be and her new family is quite smitten with her, especially when she is showing off her contentment by taking in the scope of her new back yard. She had truly mastered the suburbs!



Waldo's Big Adventure

For years, people wondered what Waldo looked like. He had gained the sad reputation as the dog that lived inside the dumpster fence behind a local tavern. After years of folks trying to convince the owner to release Waldo, his life remained the same until the owner of the tavern passed away. When Waldo came to us, he practically crawled on the ground to us. He was so overwhelmed and frightened. Waldo moved so slow he could make a box turtle look speedy! But with lots of TLC, he finally learned to hold his head up and welcome the outside world. This sad case turned into an amazing before/after story when a wonderful woman adopted Waldo. These two were just meant to be together! They both thrived on a low-key lifestyle and lots of structure in their routine. Waldo and Mom are now inseparable. Just last summer, Mom retired and her and Waldo now live in the hills of Tennessee and really enjoy the warmer weather. They can now take their daily walks year 'round without their snow boots!



Hip-Hip Hurray!

Toby was doomed to life on a chain for 7 years. When his family lost their home, he was brought to us in the back of a pick-up trunk in the driving rain. What a sad fellow. Toby had never had any medical attention and was found to have two very badly deteriorating hips. Our local rescue raised the funds to replace his hip and we nurtured Toby for the year of this ordeal. Unfortunately, the hip didn't turn out perfect - .but his life still did!! Instead of adopting Toby out, we decided he had been through enough. He moved into our family permanently and now runs around the home and office trying desperately to be the boss. He adores our little Jack Russell, Emma, and make no mistake - she is the boss!



Walkin' The Line!

Sydney's mom was forced to deal with declining health and the ultimate decision to give up her 8 yr. old yellow lab companion. Syd was the most loving guy, but there was something just "not quite right" about this guy. He would be walking along and then softly fall to one side. Other times, he could walk just fine, only his path wasn't the straightest line between two points! Syd suffered from Wobbler's Syndrome, a neurological disorder. We worked with Syd and discovered acupuncture therapy. A local couple nurtured him through the treatments while we searched for just the right home. And, boy did we find it!! Just look at Syd in his new digs, enjoying his bone. Funny thing with Syd, he doesn't even know he has a problem!! He is just a bundle of love and really just needed someone to give him a little help along life's path. Special dogs find special people!! Another happy ending.



Mischievous Sophie Girl

We say "mischievous" lovingly of course, because this little girl was one of our favorites! She was found running in a downtown area about the same time we were fostering Sydney, another of our favorites. Sophie stole the heart of a British gal in the neighborhood who made sure she took care of her until we could get her here for fostering. Wow...was Sophie a case study in "terrible twos"! This youngster really took some time, but you know what they say? You get out what you put in! And boy is she the most amazing turnaround story of all time. Passing her Canine Good Citizen test, she met the most amazing woman who looked on at the class. She really won over her new mom and dad and now is in charge of watching over the golf course in her back yard. And the squirrels and geese! What a great job, all while enjoying the amazing comforts of her lovely home. We enjoy when she visits, and her friend Miss Lilly is always up for a playtime with Sophie Girl! And a special shout-out to her amazing mom who is simply incredible!


Anybody Up For A Run?

Ruby, a 2 yr old Brittany Spaniel was about to lose her option to live, all because she couldn't have puppies. Her owner didn't feel there was room for a dog who couldn't produce a litter. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Luckily we came to hear of Ruby's plight and talked her owner into giving her a chance to be adopted out. Ruby fell in love with our pitbull-mix, Dolly. Ruby never had a dog-sister before! Ruby was adopted by a couple who had another Brittany. Her adoptive parents are avid runners, so now Ruby and her dad complete in races. Finally, Ruby can run like the wind!! But, her real prize is her "forever" home! And, she still enjoys coming to visit Dolly.


A Flower So Sweet!

Don't laugh at the size of this head! (we did!) This girl was found running loose and boy was she a sweetie! But, that big head stopped everyone dead in their tracks. So, we gave her a sweet-sounding name after the flower basket where she constantly stuck her pinkish nose. Petunia made heads turn, her little body didn't really fit that giant head and many people would take two steps back when they saw her. But this little miss trained up nicely and slowly began to melt hearts. Petunia has a fabulous new home and some new flower baskets to sniff, along with a rescue dog brother. Makes for one sweet-smelling story!


Missy's Angel

Missy, a two year old shepherd, was truly a problem child. No one could handle this over-sized, gangley shepherd and she was one smart cookie! The most determined trainers ended up feeling like she was always a step ahead of them. Missy's big challenge was her behavior towards other dogs. She had been isolated her entire life and didn't really understand canine companions. Missy needed that special couple with huge hearts, enter Gerry and Joey! After 6 months with us, we found two amazing people who figured out quickly that this troubled dog didn't really hate other dogs, she was simply insecure. Within a year, they adopted another rescue dog, Angel, and Missy suddenly had a sibling she loved. Not to mention a few labradoodle pals down the street. It warms our hearts to see her playing with canine pals. Missy found her world class family who wouldn't trade her for anything! They laugh about how well Missy has trained them! We wish Missy, Angel and their amazing parents well as they embark on a move to Minnesota.


Is This A Mule Or A Dog?

That was the question we asked when we came across Maddie. A black shepherd mix with ears that reached to the sky, this girl was young, wild, and a real handful! Maddie was almost 10 months and already been bounced around. She was wild and mischievous, but had a heart as big as her ears. She loved everyone and blended right in with our own dog family. Seven months, a new door frame, replacement couch cushions and 20 bags of training treats later; Maddie was a charming and well mannered adult dog who finally grew into her ears. She now lives with a wonderful family who recently moved to Virginia on a lake, Maddie's own private lake. Her mom says Maddie sits on the dock and watches the sun set, loving every minute of her new life.


Sophie Girl

Sophie girl was one friendly pooch when it came to meeting people! Unfortunately, she wasn't sure just what to do when she met another dog. Sophie had lived on a chain for her first 4 years and had always been yearning to join in with other dogs on their neighborhood playtime. By the time Sophie came to us, her idea of greeting other dogs was total domination. We could tell that her intentions were good, but she lacked the social graces that dogs learn when they are permitted to interact as puppies. We spent the summer teaching Sophie how to live in a home and with the help of a great trainer, she was taught to interact, greet and get along with other dogs. She now proudly prances through her neighborhood as she jogs with her new dad, just waiting for a fellow canine to pass by for a friendly hello!


Who Needs A Leash Anyway?

No one had a nice word about Beau, but they definitely did say that he prefers to walk himself! Well, what does that mean, I said? I certainly saw what it meant, 5 minutes after taking Beau from the shelter. He would turn around and eat the leash, and that was if he decided not to sample your sleeve first! Funny at first, this troubling behavior was a difficult habit to break. Beau could chomp two leashes a day completely in half, rip a few shirts and then maybe take a few bites out of your pants. Funny thing was, he was actually quite friendly... none of it was malicious. Beau had just never been taught how to play politely and boy was that haunting him as an 80 lb. adult! Baby steps - that was the plan! 4 weeks into our boot camp, Beau began showing signs of mellowing out and fast forward 6 months - he caught the eye of a charming middle-aged couple who love to pack up their camper and head for the beach. It was love at first sight. They simply would not be detered by any of Beau's past escapades and last time we heard from the 3 of them, Beau was romping down the sands of North Carolina. Their claims of "this is the best behaved dog in the world" are music to our ears! Who needs a leash anyway?


A Brand New 3-Pack

Little Miss Jodie started life out on a rocky path. Her first family didn't really have any puppy experience and found it easier to keep her in a basement. The neighbor adopted her and didn't know how to cope with Jodie's high energy level so she crated her...all day and night. Well, Jodi finally made her jail-break! A rescue group took Jodie and we just couldn't resist the chance to help this girl get a real "shot at a new life". It took Jodi about 6 months to learn to deal with freedom in the house and settle into a comfortable existence. Then, her lucky break! Jodi met a couple at a local adoption event who were looking for that special dog to fill the void left from the pet they had just lost. They had training experience and couldn't wait to teach this girl everything she needed to know about having a real family. They love to call their family "Jodie's Pack"....that's dog talk for family! So, this 3-pack is living happily ever after and we still get visits from this wonderful girl - who finally got her chance at life! Just yesterday they told us they were riding Lolly the Trolley to a dog jamboree. Sounds like Jodi is charming crowds wherever she goes!


A Honey Bunny!

Life took an unexpected turn for Honey when her owner found himself taking on a new wife and child. She was passed to Grandma who loved her but was faced with a town pit-bull ban. So, what was a Honey to do?? We took Honey in and found her to be a delightful dog and the biggest snuggle dog we had ever met. Honey had one quirk - she didn't know how to behave around other dogs. But never fear. Honey found a "world-class" couple to adopt her who love her and understand her needs. Honey's needs are mostly a comfortable lounging couch, two squares a day, and plenty of cuddling. Rumor has it - she is really Grandma's baby now that Grandma has moved in!! So, Honey lives happily ever-after and now bears the fitting name of HoneyBun.


Felix The Cat... Wait... I Mean Dog!

When Felix and his Chihuahua friend were given up by their owner, our local rescue was so full with dogs that the only place for this little guy to go was to the "cat facility". Well, one look at this black and white face and he was dubbed, "Felix the Dog" forever. What a sweetie! Felix was quite a friendly little guy, but his Chihuahua sibling was adopted immediately and that left Felix a little blue. We thought that he could use a little companionship and some training, so we brought Felix over to our office for some overnighters. Fun in the sun, long walks and just hanging out with the office dogs was exactly what this little guy needed. He learned to heal, and obey most all commands. And, with all of the positive feedback he was experiencing, his confidence boosted and he turned into one delightful character. Adopted to a local couple who just adore pitbull mixes, it was love at first sight and I just hope his adorable snoring isn't keeping them up at night! Yes, Felix is their new sleeping companion and we couldn't be happier with the wonderful turn his life has taken. His new parents sure are lucky dogs!