Amia 10-Inch Tall Hand-Painted Glass Vase Featuring Hummingbirds and Wisterias

Product Description
Make your bouquet of flowers come alive with the character of this lovely art glass vase. Crafted with a unique tempered ripple glass, the different glass textures give this handpainted piece the appearance and richness of cathedral glass. The front side has all of the rippling and pieced glass look that comes with original stained glass of long ago. It is hard to distinguish it from old-fashioned stained glass...the piece is handpainted with brilliant coloring and the bottom of the vase is weighted with a heavy glass bottom. The vase will hold a generous array of flowers and greens, measuring 4.5" x 4.5" at the top and almost 11" tall. This one depicts a lovely array of hummingbirds and wisteria blooms and vines.
$ 69.99