Crab Shack Beach Driftwood-Look - 100% Embroidered Cotton Dish Towel / Tea Towel, 18" x 26"

Product Description

Charm your guests in the kitchen with a fabulous nautical themed tea towel. For years, cotton dish towels were the work horses of everyday kitchen life!  Made of 100% quality cotton, this towel measures 18" x 26", perfectly sized for even the biggest kitchen jobs. Check out of list below of favorite things to do with Dish Towels.

* Hostess Gift
* Gift Exchange
* Wine Bottle Wrap
* Tied on Package
* Office Treat
* Wrap a Casserole
* Colorful Theme Basket Addition
This One Features:  A lovely faded blue driftwood look print and a Crab Shack sign, a great additional to any beach or lake feel kitchen.
$ 11.88 $ 15.99

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