The Christmas Tree Dog Wood 3-D Hand Painted Ornament - Black & White American Staffordshire Terrier Pit Bull

Product Description

Dogs are a huge part of our life and it only seems fitting to include them in on everything, especially at Christmas. This amazing ornament collection does the trick!

Handcrafted in the Southwest USA, each one becomes a little treasure. The original designs are transferred to wood, hand-cut, assembled, base-coated and finished with hand painting. What a wonderful treasure that will be cherished by dog lovers alike! Created in a substantial, layered, 3-dimensional style - you won't find anyone who doesn't delight in these humorous and charming creations. 

The Christmas Tree model shows off your favorite breed on a red rug while including a charming decorated Christmas tree. Measuring 3"x 3", comes with a lovely cord for hanging. Make sure your Pit Bull is hanging front and center this year!

$ 6.88 $ 26.99