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The Water Bowl 0

We all know that our dogs need fresh water every day. They should have a constant water supply that is available to them whenever they feel the need.

Most people, though, forget to properly clean their dog's water bowl. Guilty of this myself, I pick up the bowl each morning, dump out the old water, fill it with new water and set it back down. Have you ever felt the inside of the bowl, though? If the inside has a slimy feel, that bowl needs to be washed! The slime in the bowl is biofilm - a sticky substance where bacteria thrive and multiply. Some of the bacteria is good, but some is bad. The bad bacteria can lead to urinary tract infections, bladder infections and middle ear infections.

The solution is an easy one. Use stainless steel bowls since they do not scratch and are easier to clean. Get multiple bowls so that one can be in the dishwasher while the other is being used. Wash the bowl EVERY DAY in the dishwasher to thoroughly clean it.

Go check your dog's water bowl now to see if it's really clean!