Fun Project to do With Your Dog!


We love this fun art project that your dog can help with! Flowers made with paw prints are so adorable. Make sure to use washable paint and clean your dog's paws with baby wipes afterwards. We're definitely going to try this with our own dogs!


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  • Amy Hagan
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  • Kjersti

    I love the paw art! Thank you for doing what you are doing. Ever since my husband and I have been married, we have taken in many, many strays. Sometimes we lucked out and found wonderful homes for them- once we were up to 13 dogs- this was hard as we live on “Main Street”, literally. Now we are down to 4 dogs and five 5 cats. We have been blessed by all of them. Bless you for your loving and compassionate hearts! Kjersti ( wouldn’t it be great, if everyone could just give a few loving homes- it can be a sacrifice but so worth it!)

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